Division One

Nottingham Forest could only muster a draw at home with Manchester United, pushing them a point ahead of Sunderland who will play their postponed match against Leed in late April. Forest’s 16 game win streak is now over.

Forest have WBA away and Coventry at home, surely two games they can win, while Sunderland have the more difficult games with Manchester City away, Liverpool at home and Leeds away. Perhaps Forest have done enough to win the Championship.

In the relegation mud fight it’s Ipswich, Stoke and Coventry who have to fight to survive.

Monday 30 March

Division One

WBA     1

Chelsea 0

Astle heading forward to meet the Chelsea defence.

Astle twists to the right to open up the defence.

Astle keeps on going, looking for an opening as the Chelsea defence hunt him down.

Astle is being pushed wide.

Astle finds the moment and shoots. He puts West Brom ahead.

Tuesday 31 March 1970

Division One

West Ham    1

Wolves          1

Curran heading forward for Wolves.

Dougan receives the ball surround by Hammer defenders.

Dougan turns and he’s free.

Dougan opens the score for Wolves.

In the second half Greaves is powering forward.

Greaves with a pass to Hurst.

Hurst shoots but it takes a vicious deflection…

…and into the net it goes. West Ham end up with a draw.




Nottingham Forest, the juggernaut of the League, keep smashing forward. Their 6-0 demolition of Newcastle, who beat Sunderland at Roker Park yesterday, showed exactly why they’ve won 16 games in row. Sunderland recovered from yesterday’s shock loss to easily deal with Derby County. Sunderland play Leeds in the last match of the season. They will probably need to win big to win the title.

Spurs surprisingly lost again, to already relegated WBA. This run of losses has happened a few times this season for Tottenham. Manchester United lost the Manchester derby and missed their chance to get closer to Spurs. City have now had 4 wins on the trot and are slowly rising up the table. They’re now at 7th.

Crystal Palace continue to win as they build up for the Cup Final. Meanwhile Leeds drew, now having only won 1 game in the last 5.

While the relegation contenders all lost.

Two minutes before half time Pardoe heads into the United penalty box.

Young received the pass from Pardoe but he’s surrounded by defenders.

Young does the insane and back heels a pass to Lee.

Lee makes sure City hit the front in the derby.

It seemed inevitable in the last month or so but when Sunderland did give up their top spot which they’ve owned all season, it still came as a shock. And what a way to lose top spot. Playing their local north east rivals, Newcastle, Sunderland went 2-0 up in front of their supporters. Only to see it disappear and finally usurped in a last second goal. In the end the team looked confused. How could they lose their lead and how can they get it back?

Nottingham Forest hit top spot in style. They travelled to London and smashed Tottenham in super style.

Chelsea home win quite possibly removed them from any danger of relegation. So now it’s down to 3 teams who are in danger of following West Brom into Division Two.

Manchester City have been on a decidedly good run and their season has recovered as they’ve reached 8th.

Park of Sunderland pushing forward.

Park over to Kerr.

Another quick pass to Harris.

Tueart receives the pass from Harris and heads towards goal. Sunderland make it 1-0.

Second half and 2-0 down, Newcastle’s Robson about to send a desperate ball forward.

The long ball hits Smith who turns towards goal.

And Smith scores. Newcastle get one back.

Dyson out wide.

Dyson over to Davies.

With a flick Foggon is through on goal.

Unbelievably Foggon equalises for Newcastle.

With less than a minute remaining, Moncur wants one more throw of the dice.

Davies wins the long ball and heads f or goal.

Davies keeps going and the goal is in reach.

Davies scores and the unthinkable has happened: Newcastle come back to record a tremendous 3-2 and Sunderland drop from first place.


There remains a 2 point gap between Sunderland and Nottingham Forest at the top of the First Division as both sides had comfortable away wins. Forest have now won 14 in a row.

Tottenham also had a comfortable win at home, while West Ham haven’t won in 5 games. On the other hand Manchester City have picked up some sparkling form, no losses in the last 5.

Burnley have won 3 in a row to be only 1 point behind Manchester United in fourth.

WBA have been officially relegated.  They have managed only 1 win in the last 24 games and have conceded 105 goals.

At the bottom of the table, Coventry have lost 3 in a row, Stoke have lost after two previous wins and Ipswich smashed at home by Sunderland.

Chelsea had a good win over Manchester United at home, their first win in 4 league games, while it was United’s first loss after 6 straight wins.

Division One

Derby County       1

Crystal Palace      0

Crystal Palace might still be suffering from a hangover from becoming a finalist in next month’s FA cup, as they returned from a sleepwalking match at the Baseball Ground with no points to their name. Derby County dominated the match and deservedly went ahead just before half time. Crystal Palace didn’t react at all in the second half and only awoke from their slumber a minute before full time when Jackson was put through with only Derby’s keeper to beat. But Green was equal to the task as he fortuitously tapped the shot onto the bar and safety.

Carlin heading forward for Derby as the half time break nears.

Carlin finds Hinton on the edge of the box.

Hinton lays it off for Hector.

Hector makes no mistake and Derby hit the lead against Palace. It would turn out to be the winning goal.

Division One

Liverpool       0

Everton         1

The duo giant clubs from the city of Liverpool have had a poor season by their standards. With the season entering the endgame, the two teams are nowhere near the trophies nor the European spots. They have nothing but local pride now, and this time it went to Everton who traveled to Anfield and came away with a dour 1-0 win.

Ball bustling forward looking for an outlet.

Ball slides it through to Royle.

Royle makes space for himself as he aims for goal.

Royle beats Clemence and gives Everton the lead and the eventual win.

Sunderland remained top, at least for another week after a nervous home win to Wolverhampton.

Nottingham continue to chase, this week with an impressive 4-0 thrashing of Derby County. It was Derby’s first loss after 3 wins .

Tottenham were back to winning ways after an excellent win at Everton.

Stoke win again to get out of the relegation positions. Coventry fall in the relegation places.



A shock loss to Southampton has Sunderland fearing for their top place. In the first half of the season Sunderland accumulated 20 win from 21 games, 41 from 42 points. Whatever the psychology of the team, they have managed only 3 wins from the last 8 games, a total of 8 points.

On the other hand Nottingham Forest is now only a game away after their 12th win in a row, The freight train is blasting away to the top.

Stoke had a surprising away win at Ipswich to help them with their relegation battle.

Cup semi finalist Crystal Palace prepared for next week’s cup tie with a 3-3 draw at Wolves. Palace haven’t won in 7 games in the league, Wolves have only had 1 in 6.