Tuesday 21 April – Sunderland Are Champions!

Division One

Sunderland arrived with a mission plan. And they executed it to the letter becoming Division One Champions for 1969-70.

Sunderland have been erratic in the second half of the season. They dropped many points, which allowed Nottingham Forest to skip over them and take top spot. This game required courage, calmness and a resolute spirit. Sunderland showed all those traits and more. They were determined to win and with Tueart at his scoring flair, the inevitable happened. Sunderland are champions on the last game of the season. And what a great season it was.

Early in the second half and Sunderland are dominating. Hughes heading forward with the ball.

Tueart receives the ball and faces the mighty Leeds defence.

Tueart passes one defender…

And with a twist Tueart leaves three defenders in his dust.

Tueart and Sunderland face destiny.

Tueart and Sunderland take one step toward the Division One title.

Harris to make the cross for Sunderland.

Tueart captures the ball without breaking his stride and heads for the league title.

Tueart breaks through the Leeds defence and destiny awaits him.

Tueart scores a double as Sunderland become Champions of 1969-70

And Sunderland celebrate their achievement.



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