This blog started on August 2011 as a way of showing the 1969-70 english first division through playing subbuteo.

It’s taken almost 6 years but finally I’ve reached the end. I wouldn’t believed when I first started this that it would take so long.

So this is the end of this subbuteo season and the end of this blog.

I might continue a federation of flickers, a fantasy football league played with subbuteo players on modern bases.

But first a rest.



Division One

Sunderland arrived with a mission plan. And they executed it to the letter becoming Division One Champions for 1969-70.

Sunderland have been erratic in the second half of the season. They dropped many points, which allowed Nottingham Forest to skip over them and take top spot. This game required courage, calmness and a resolute spirit. Sunderland showed all those traits and more. They were determined to win and with Tueart at his scoring flair, the inevitable happened. Sunderland are champions on the last game of the season. And what a great season it was.

Early in the second half and Sunderland are dominating. Hughes heading forward with the ball.

Tueart receives the ball and faces the mighty Leeds defence.

Tueart passes one defender…

And with a twist Tueart leaves three defenders in his dust.

Tueart and Sunderland face destiny.

Tueart and Sunderland take one step toward the Division One title.

Harris to make the cross for Sunderland.

Tueart captures the ball without breaking his stride and heads for the league title.

Tueart breaks through the Leeds defence and destiny awaits him.

Tueart scores a double as Sunderland become Champions of 1969-70

And Sunderland celebrate their achievement.


14 April 1970

15 April 1970

Nottingham Forest put on a sublimely last day performance to maintain first spot. They are a point above Sunderland with the Roker Park team having to travel to Elland Road and beat FA Cup Winners Leeds to snatch the title, which was all but won by them half way through the season.

Forest easily brushed away a weak Coventry, a Coventry who have survived for another season in the First Division. Forest had not lost for their last 19 games of the season, 18 of those wins.

Stoke on the other hand have been relegated along with WBA.

Tottenham finished top of the rest in third with a super win over rival Arsenal, while the young Burnley side finished a very credible fourth.

Division One

Tottenham Hotspur  3

Arsenal     0

Tottenham needed a mere 10 minute spurt to beat Arsenal in this surprising end of season North London derby. In those 10 minutes of the second half, after a desperately edgy first half, Spurs scored three times and finished the game off.

Spurs started their 10 minute goal spree with a Chivers penalty

Gilzean double the lead a few minutes later with a spectacular free kick.

Tottenham gain a corner.

The corner lands at Peters’ feet.

His miskick heads towards Chivers.

Chivers finishes with aplomb to make it 3-0 and a great end to Tottenham’s season.