27 March 1970 – Good Friday Results – Sunderland Shock Loss, Forest Go Top

It seemed inevitable in the last month or so but when Sunderland did give up their top spot which they’ve owned all season, it still came as a shock. And what a way to lose top spot. Playing their local north east rivals, Newcastle, Sunderland went 2-0 up in front of their supporters. Only to see it disappear and finally usurped in a last second goal. In the end the team looked confused. How could they lose their lead and how can they get it back?

Nottingham Forest hit top spot in style. They travelled to London and smashed Tottenham in super style.

Chelsea home win quite possibly removed them from any danger of relegation. So now it’s down to 3 teams who are in danger of following West Brom into Division Two.

Manchester City have been on a decidedly good run and their season has recovered as they’ve reached 8th.

Park of Sunderland pushing forward.

Park over to Kerr.

Another quick pass to Harris.

Tueart receives the pass from Harris and heads towards goal. Sunderland make it 1-0.

Second half and 2-0 down, Newcastle’s Robson about to send a desperate ball forward.

The long ball hits Smith who turns towards goal.

And Smith scores. Newcastle get one back.

Dyson out wide.

Dyson over to Davies.

With a flick Foggon is through on goal.

Unbelievably Foggon equalises for Newcastle.

With less than a minute remaining, Moncur wants one more throw of the dice.

Davies wins the long ball and heads f or goal.

Davies keeps going and the goal is in reach.

Davies scores and the unthinkable has happened: Newcastle come back to record a tremendous 3-2 and Sunderland drop from first place.



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