Saturday 11 April 1970- FA Cup Final – Leeds Dominate, Beat Palace 2-0 – Photo Special


FA Cup Final

Leeds United     2

Crystal Palace   0

On a splendid April afternoon football was king. And it was Leeds, beaten League Cup finalists and with an upcoming tough European test, who showed their complete strength, power and skill to dominate the match and beat Crystal Palace 2-0.

But first the opening ceremony.

The match began with Leeds dominating. And that continued throughout the game. Crystal Palace was outplayed.

While Leeds hit the posts twice and the bar once in the first half, the second half proved them to be more clinical.

Giles storming forward, Palace in a state of alarm trying to half Leeds once again.

Giles to Bremner

Bremner sends it back to Giles and the Palace defence seems broken.

Giles duly opens the score for Leeds United.

Lorimer heading forward, trying to make sure of the game.

The Palace defence try and stifle Lorimer.

Lorimer finds Gray wide outside the penalty box.

Gray, with an audacious chip makes it 2-0 and Leeds are FA Cup Winners.

Leeds United, truly deserving winners, celebrate their victory.


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