Monday 30 March – 1 April 1970 – Forest Win Streak Ends With Draw

Nottingham Forest could only muster a draw at home with Manchester United, pushing them a point ahead of Sunderland who will play their postponed match against Leed in late April. Forest’s 16 game win streak is now over.

Forest have WBA away and Coventry at home, surely two games they can win, while Sunderland have the more difficult games with Manchester City away, Liverpool at home and Leeds away. Perhaps Forest have done enough to win the Championship.

In the relegation mud fight it’s Ipswich, Stoke and Coventry who have to fight to survive.

Monday 30 March

Division One

WBA     1

Chelsea 0

Astle heading forward to meet the Chelsea defence.

Astle twists to the right to open up the defence.

Astle keeps on going, looking for an opening as the Chelsea defence hunt him down.

Astle is being pushed wide.

Astle finds the moment and shoots. He puts West Brom ahead.

Tuesday 31 March 1970

Division One

West Ham    1

Wolves          1

Curran heading forward for Wolves.

Dougan receives the ball surround by Hammer defenders.

Dougan turns and he’s free.

Dougan opens the score for Wolves.

In the second half Greaves is powering forward.

Greaves with a pass to Hurst.

Hurst shoots but it takes a vicious deflection…

…and into the net it goes. West Ham end up with a draw.





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