Saturday 14 March 1970- Leeds and Crystal Palace Make FA Cup Final


FA Cup Semi – Final

Manchester United      1

Leeds United                2

There was the sweet smell of revenge at the end of the tie and Leeds delivered the stroke of revenge on Manchester United and they walked away from the game having booked their place in next month’s FA Cup final.

Leeds learnt from their League Cup loss last week, and from the first whistle chocked any creative ambitions Manchester United attempted, with a mixture pressure, dynamism and, at times, brutality. Best was nowhere to be seen in the Leeds defence as they cajoled and stopped him whenever he got close to the football.

Meanwhile Leeds were slowly using their advantage to form their chances at goal until eventually with a couple of minutes to go before half time, Giles opened the scoring with some cool finishing.

Ten minutes into the second half, Leeds made it 2-0 with a Bremner screamer.

It looked like Manchester United were out for the count. But a little Best magic with a quarter of an hour to go, gave his team some hope. But Leeds’ power and their willingness to use it stomped any Manchester come back and they enjoyed some sweet revenge and a trip to Wembley awaits.

Bremner looking for a gap in the Manchester defence.

Bremner sees Giles.

Giles lays it off to Jones and heads for the penalty box.

With a slight flick Jones has opened the Man U defence and Giles has only the keeper to beat.

Giles has given Leeds the lead and they head into the half time break with the advantage.

A rare special moment for Man Utd. Charlton passes the ball to Best

Best holds on to the ball as Charlton continues his run.

Best uses Charlton as a decoy and turns the other way and into space.

Best has created a good chance for himself.

Best scores and makes it 2-1. It seems there’s still hope for Utd, only for Leeds to squeeze them out of the game until the final whistle.

FA Cup Semi Final

Watford                   0

Crystal Palace       3

It was a great achievement for Watford to make it the FA Cup semi finals. However they met a Crystal Palace who have a good season in the First Division and will be there next season, but also determined to achieve something more and no team was getting in their way. And unfortunately for Watford they couldn’t put a stop to the rampaging Palace team and when the third goal went in half way through the second half, the game was won and Palace, settled to slower pace to keep their victory. Their hard work and hard running has rewarded them with a Cup Final against a giant of a team in the form of Leeds.

Queen heading forward.

Queen with a wide pass finds Hoy.

Hoy over the way back to Queen.

Queen slots it past the Watford keeper and Palace are away.

Taylor heading forward.

Scott receives the ball from Taylor.

Scott finds Queen just outside the box.

Scott receives the ball back and looks to shoot.

Scott lobs the keeper to make it 2-0. Watford have no response and Palace are heading to Wembley.




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