7 March 1970 – League Cup Final – George Best is Best


League Cup Final

Manchester United    3

Leeds United              1

Once in a while we, as mere mortals, are allowed to watch the actions of someone who is special. And yesterday is was the moment for George Best to shine. He has been the main instigator to Manchester United’s strong showing this season. In the League Cup final he was the instigator to United’s victory against a strong Leeds side. He dominated the first half and Leeds were only chasing his shadow. His delightful play with Charlton allowed Best to sweep past the Leeds defence and score the first for the game. His second in the 37th minute was even better. He glided through the  Leeds defence as if he was invisible and really put the game to bed.

Best surging forward early in the Cup Final


Best passes it forward. Charlton is the target.


Charlton finds Kidd just outside the box.


Kidd finds the galloping Best, covertly running past the Leeds defence.


Manchester United hit the lead.


10 minutes before half time and Charlton is looking to push Man Utd forward.


Best receives Charton’s pass. His main goal? Head for the goals.

Best heads into a white shirted wall.

Best is about to be flattened by two Leeds defenders.

With a quick side step Best passes the first Leeds wall.

Best confidently heads towards the remaining Leeds defence.

Best once again goes past despairing Leeds players.

Best is on a football cloud as he makes it 2=0 for Manchester United


Leeds fought back in the second half and took the upper hand. But Manchester’s Stepney was on fine form and stopped Clarke and Jone’s attempts to get Leeds back in the game. They got one back but not enough to pin back Man Utd.  In fact Kidd got a third one to make sure that the League Cup went back to Manchester. Well done George Best, who is a special talent.

Giles charging forward looking for an opening.

Giles to Bremner

Bremner finds a free Jones outside the penalty box.

Jones lays it off for Clarke.

Clarke gets one back for Leeds to make it 2-1. By the end Manchester United got a third and the League Cup



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