What Really Happened- Saturday 21 February 1970





Derby 2  Arsenal  2 – Paul Fitzpatrick – The Guardian 23/2/70 p.16

Arsenal have possible come to the conclusion that there is no future in defensive football. At the Baseball Ground on Saturday the quality of their play must have surprised and delighted a lot of people, but they were not quite good enough to defeat a Derby County side looking much more like themselves.

Wolves  1 Manchester City 3 – Cyril Chapman – The Guardian 23/2/70 p.16

A close look at the two League Cup finalists on successive days did not yield conclusive evidence about their chances at Wembley.

Manchester City were unimpressive for long periods on Saturday when their first league win in 10 matches was largely due to the shortcomings of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

If there was nothing conclusive, there remained some significant impressions which added up in total to an opinion that City are the more likely to emerge victorious on final day.

At the moment there is an irritating complexity in their midfield work, leaving opponents ample time to scuttle back to defensive positions. On the other hand, the Manchester style is well established. It has been a little rusty of late, but in the second half…the forward moves had much of the old flair.

Everton  0  Coventry   0 – The Guardian 23/2/70 p.16

For the first time since November Everton had their midfield trio of Ball, Harvey and Kendall together again at Goodison Park. Ball, returning from his suspension during which Harvey had made his comeback after eye trouble. Their industry was there for all to see, but it failed to chiop a goal from Coventry City’s rock like defence and a 0-0 draw was fairer reward for Coventry than judgement on Everton.








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