What Really Happened: Saturday 14 February 1970





Football Round Up –  Ronald Atkin -The Observer 15/2/1970 p,24

Football caught its worst cold of the winter yesterday. Thirty three English and Scottish matches were forced off.

In these conditions ambition and ability are often consigned to the deep freeze, along with the form book.

That was certainly the case in the First Division, where all five matches were drawn.

The most surprising result was at Old Trafford where Crystal Palace captain John Sewell scored from a penalty at the second attempt to lift a point against a resurgent Manchester United which was worth its weight in nickel shares to this struggling club.

Tottenham’s eager new youngsters busted league leading Leeds into some undignified moments on a pitch which could have bee rechristened White Hard Lane for t he occasion.


Tottenham  1  Leeds  1 – Tony PawsonThe Observer 15/2/1970 p,24

The sun was shining for Tottenham in a heartwarming display that stretched Leeds to their limit. With spurs struggling to regain their identity and Leeds fighting for the championship, this looked to be an occasion that would sort the men from the boys.

Surprisingly it was Spurs with their reshuffled side who were the more virile and accomplished for much of the game. In tenacious tackling, crisp passing and spirited endevour they had the edge. They dictated play on the giant diamond of snow that carpeted all except the wings and the corners. The pitch has bee much maligned of late, but in the wintry conditions the ball ran true though the foothold was treacherous.


Everton  2 Arsenal 2  – Arthur Hopcraft – The Observer 15/2/1970 p,24

Arsenal were entirely unpretentious and very nearly successful; Everton tried desperately to exploit their rich skills when their collective form and the pitch conspired against them, and very nearly lost.

Arsenal scored first and Everton last, and it was not until the closing 20 minutes that Everton’s extra dimension of quality was seen to strain Arsenal’s resources.


Manchester United  1  Crystal Palace  1  obert Chesshyre – The Observer 15/2/1970 p,24

One defensive blunder of almost unbelievable magnitude 15 minutes from the end of a contest of desperate footballing inequality provided a result that would have seemed a wild fantasy 30 minutes earlier. For three quarters of the game Manchester United, so dominant that they threatened to repeat their eight goal riot of last Saturday, played football that made Crystal Palace seem a side from another division.

Then Ure, United’s … strong man centre half, incredibly headed a soft ball straight to the feet of Palace centre forward Jackson. Goalkeeper Stepney.. pulled the Palace man down. From the inevitable penalty Sewell had his shot saved brilliantly by Stepney… but the ball bounced out and the Palace captain charged in to slip the rebound past the spread eagled Stepney.








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