Saturday 31 January 1970 – Forest Narrow Gap As Sunderland Held By Struggling Chelsea




Well the shocks continue as struggling Chelsea produce a startling performance, and if it was any other side besides Sunderland, they would’ve won. Sunderland have now dropped 5 of the last 6 points.

Burnley produced a marvelous exhibition of football, to thrash the tourists from London. Burnley have now cemented a top 6 spot.

Arsenal got their first away point after 5 away losses.


Everton have now managed their third game without loss. It was also Wolves’ first away point after 3 straight away losses.

Manchester United produced a good win in an exhilarating match, where the lead changed many times.

It was Newcastle’s first win after 3 losses on the  trot.


Meanwhile Palace’s luck continues to run out  as it was their second loss in the row after enjoying 5 wins in a row.

Forest have now become an unstoppable train, easily demolishing a Liverpool team full of handy players. That was Forest’s seventh win in a row and they are edging closer to Sunderland.

Stoke grabbed a valuable point against current Champions Leeds. It was their first home point after 4 home losses.

Tottenham demolished a lackluster Southampton side. Spurs currently look like sealing a top 3 spot.






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