What Really Happened – Saturday 17 January 1970





Football Round Up – Bob Houston  (Observer 18 January 1970 p, 28)

If Everton feel this morning that someone up there doesn’t like them, no one can blame them. Southampton, having gone nearly five months without a League win, chose yesterday to savour the taste of victory again. Two goals by Mike Channon – the winner in the last winner – cost Everton their place at the top of the table.

Inevitably it’s the champions, Leeds, who take over [top spot]. On current form there can be no argument that they’re back where they belong.

Chelsea recovered from their rough handling by the champions last week, to revive their morale with a comfortable 3-0 win over Arsenal in the London derby.


West Ham  0 Manchester United  0 – Hugh McIlvanney   (Observer 18 January 1970 p, 28)

It is eloquent tribute to the unfailing attractions of Manchester United and the loyalty of West Ham’s supporters that this match which could have no meaning beyond itself should see the gates locked on the largest crowd in the history of Upton Park.

Perhaps its even more remarkable that the 41,643 who paid to be there were left without any grounds for complaint at the end of a goalless afternoon.

West ham, for all their advantage in pressure and bewildering accumulation of corner kicks, were not entitled to feel seriously wronged at the end.


Arsenal  0   Chelsea   3  – Tony Pawson   (Observer 18 January 1970 p, 28)

Pensions at 35 must seem well justified to Arsenal’s players after another harrowing experience. To lose 3-0 at home is indignity enough, but without some remarkable saves from Wilson this would have been a massacre of the innocents.

The passion of a derby match had unfortunate expression before the start. On the southern terrace rival youths fought each other in the surging, swaying crowd until groups of boys took refuge on the field.


Southampton  2  Everton  1 – Gerard Dent  (Observer 18 January 1970 p, 28)

Saints have got their halos back at last, but the recanonisation only came after a struggle of dramatic intensity which had three goals in the final quarter of an hour, the winner being scored on the stroke of time.

Southampton have had four and a half sterile months in the league and to have toppled Everton, who have spent most of that time on top of it, was a notable achievement and some comfort for their cruel dismissal from the Fairs Cup last Wednesday.

Channon scored all three goals. Everton’s unluckily off his shin but the other two gloriously off his head.






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