Saturday 10 January 1970 – Forest Shock World Smash Sunderland 4-0





The shock and horror the permeated the English League this weekend, was the result emanating from the city of Nottingham. A good Forest side had just executed a great performance and took the head off a giant. . Sunderland have been virtually unstoppable this season, standing proudly atop the First Division. But at the City Ground they had got slaughtered 4-0 in an impeccable performance by the home side. Sunderland had lost their second game of the season, both away losses. Is top stop still up for grabs, even though the gap is 8 points?


Burnley’s strong home win over Wolves means they have the second best home record. They haven’t lost at home since the 16th of August when they lost to Sunderland. For Wolverhampton it was their third away loss in a row.

Chelsea’s loss to astute Leeds meant that they haven’t won at home since November 1, a winless streak of 5 games. It was Leed’s first away win since 11 October, that is, 6 games without a win.

Coventry after three losses have finally won again, their first home win after 5 winless games.


Everton, after four games without a win, finally gained the two points in a very exciting game that wasn’t decided until the second last minute of the game. Unlucky Ipswich now haven’t won for 5 games.

Manchester United smashed Arsenal, returning to winning games after the loss to Sunderland. United have won 5 of their last 6 games. Arsenal have now lost 5 away games in a row.

Newcastle have tasted their first home loss since November 8. Southampton have now won two in a row and their first away  win since 27 September.


Sheffield Wed have now lost two home games in a row. West Ham’s enjoyed a good away win – a win after three winless games.

Stoke City have now lost 6 in a row – they have the worst home record. Liverpool were 2-0 down and came back to gain the full points.


After 3 winless games, Spurs finally won. Derby, after 3 away win in a row, lose.

WBA produced no resistance at home. They have only won 1 game in the last 15. Crystal Palace are on a high, it’s now 5 wins in a row, an have scored 5 again. They move up to 7th.





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