December 26/27 December 1969 – Sunderland Will Not Be Moved



December 26 1969

26 Dec results

December 27 1969

27 Dec results

renault 6

Sunderland passed both testing games with flying colours and is now 10 points in front heading into 1970. They are this season’s Rock of Gilbrator, the unmovable champions elect. The highlight was the 3-0 decimation of Manchester United, with Best and Charlton cameo performances at best.

Nottingham continue to hound Sunderland. Smashed Arsenal at home and then traveled to Upton Park to bring back the points in a very entertaining game.


Tottenham have given away second spot with two highly shocking losses to lower positioned sides. They are now two games from second spot.

Crystal Palace enjoyed their post Christmas endeavors with two strong London derby wins at Tottenham and a thumping of Chelsea at home. This has pushed them up to 8th and this team can improve on this.

Liverpool came away with two losses and are evidently struggling. Meanwhile Leeds finally won on Saturday, smashing a poor Everton.

sainsbury 2

WBA produced a strong and surprising win to beat West Ham, only to travel to Derby and get mauled 5-0.

Chelsea’s performances have been average at best and are falling closer to the relegation positions.  Meanwhile Southampton have finally won a game. And Ipswich have come away with two valuable wins.

remington shavers

27 Dec table

remington shavers



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