What Really Happened: Saturday 6 December 1969


real 6 dec results

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West Ham  0   Manchester City 4 – Hugh McIlvanney  (Observer 7 Dec 1969 p.24)

Two teams who believe that football is about accentuating the positive refused to be subdued by a depressing mixture of frost and mud that would have sucked the ambition from all but a handful of sides in the First Division.

The result distorts the competitiveness of an exhilarating match. City had to fight long and hard to gain mastery. They did so in the end, mainly because their strikers were more numerous and more deadly because Ferguson’s fatal uncertainty re-emerged for the first time this season, to be aggravated by some peculiar marking in front of him.


Everton  0  Liverpool  3 – Arthur Hopcraft (Observer 7 Dec 1969 p.24)

Liverpool seized lethally on a ruinous six minutes of debility in the Everton defence shortly after half time, scoring twice and very nearly a third time. From then on Everton were victims as much of their own anxiety as they were susceptible to Liverpool’s ebullient self confidence.

The third goal expressed the situation succinctly: a big ball out of defence, West unprotected once Hury had failed in his challenge 30 yards from goal, and then Graham’s clear run through a great swathe of open space. West, typically of him in this match, chose to make a passive barrier of his body, lying log like across the corner of the goal area.


Man Utd  0  Chelsea  2 – Ronald Atkin (Observer 7 Dec 1969 p.24)

Chelsea’s victories at Old Trafford are becoming traditional. They took their third win over Manchester United in successive seasons with a display of skill, incisiveness and confidence.

Chelsea was essentially a team success which readily overcame the skills of United’s talented individuals. Whenever Best was in possession a Chelsea platoon assembled swiftly around him, denying the great man space and time; and Charlton was generally hurried into passing and shooting.

Cooke’s pace, Osgood’s control and Hutchinson’s long throws, which carried the menace of corner kicks, had United defending nervously from the start.



real 6 dec table


Italy coup by Greeks Guardian Dec 6

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