Saturday 13 December 1969 – United Win At Anfield and Sunderland Wobble No More

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13 Dec results



There were strong wins to Ipswich, West Ham, Wolves, Sunderland, Forest , Spurs and Arsenal.

Man Utd won a strong tough battle with Liverpool. Liverpool have now lost 2 big games in 8 days. Best was best again – getting the winner in the 80th.

Chelsea stretched their non winning ways to 6 games. In their last 4 games they’ve conceded 16 goals.

Sunderland were once again impressive as they smashed Stoke. They have 14 clean sheets and have only dropped 1 point in 13 home games.

fine fare

The loss has sent Stoke into the relegation zone.

Coventry’s lone goal win at Palace lifted them out of the relegation zone. It was their first away win this season.

Crystal Palace have now lost their last 3 home games

Ipswich smashed WBA – it was their first win in 8 rounds – since 18 October.

WBA have now lost 11 in a row.

fine fare 2

Leeds dropped another point at home. They have only had 2 win in their last 9 games, while Wednesday got another good away result.

Arsenal had another strong home win. They have the third best home record. They haven’t lost at home since September 6, when they shockingly lost to Sheffield Wednesday.

Burnley’s loss at Highbury was their first hiccup after a good run recently.

Tottenham have won 11 in a row now (6 of them away).

Manchester City have lost two in a row now.


Forest had an easy away win – have not lost away this season. That’s 13 games so far.

West Ham impressed against Everton – 4 win in a row for them so far, and 7 games without loss. They have the second best home  record.

Wolves strikingly good win over Chelsea moved them into 6th; 5 win on the trot now.



13 Dec table

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