What Really Happened: Saturday 29 November 1969


real 29 Nov results


Football Round Up – Ronald Atkin (Observer 30 November 1969 p.28)

Snow, unseasonal as the department store Father Christmases, struck a savage and unexpected blow at sport yesterday.

Twenty four League games were called off.


Manchester City 1 Leeds  2 – Arthur Hopcraft  (Observer 30 November 1969 p.28)

Leeds’ mastery of the first  half was total, save for Cooper’s vulnerability to Summerbee’s incisive acceleration; yet the game was won only in the closing minutes, when it seemed that City’s recovery of poise and adventurousness had unexpectedly saved them a point.

But gradually Leed’s overall assurance, with its sudden thrusts and surges, demanded City’s compliance. The winning goal was set up by characteristic physical force and executed with athletic precision.

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Liverpool  0  Arsenal 1 – Leslie Duxbury (Observer 30 November 1969 p.28)

The crowd tended to blame Liverpool’s unimpressive form on individuals… but the failure was in fact a corporate one.

Arsenal, while never achieving enchantment themselves, nevertheless were able to demonstrate an occasional subtlety, one of which brought them the all important winning goal.


Derby 0 Forest 2 – Brian Chapman (Guardian 1/12/69 p.18)

In one of the famous Chaplin films our hero rounds up a moving staircase and makes progress in inverse ration to the energy he expands. Derby were in a similar predicament at the Baseball Ground on Saturday, when Forest won their first away match of the season after being under the kind of unremitting pressure which normally brings an emphatic defeat.

Derby had escaped the snow but not the frost and although players on both sides experimented before the match with an assortment of footwear they were under considerable handicap on most parts of the ground.

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real 29 Nov table

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