What Really Happened – Europe and Other News – Wednesday 26 November 1969


Ferencvaros 0 Leeds 3 – Albert Barham  (Guardian 27 Nov. 1969 p.23)

Another sparkling performance by Leeds United here tonight achieved their treble objective, with two  goals from Jones and one from Lorimer, they go through to the last eight of the European Cup. They became the first British club to win in the Nep Stadium since it was built a dozen years ago. Leeds in all can be well satisfied.

Man City  5 Lierse 0 – Paul Wilcox  (Guardian 27 Nov. 1969 p.23)

For anyone sunk in the slough of despondency, no more effective antidote could be prescribed than Manchester City on their day.


Clear Out by Coventry – Peter Ingall (Daily Mirror 24-25 November 1969, p.31)

Coventry City are ready to sell a First Division defence valued at £ 130,000.

A circular will go out… telling other clubs that Coventry will listen to offers for full backs Dietmar Bruck and Chris Catlin, and veteran Maurice Setters.


Coventry manager Noel Cantwell will today face six angry players demanding to know whether or not they are part of the club’s “Christmas Sale”.

Covetnry have sent out a circular to other clubs listing the players open to transfers. But the six angry men say they have not been told officially.

The six who plan today’s showdown are full back Dietmar Bruck and Chris Catlin, half backs Brian Hill, George Curtis and Maurice Setters and forward Ian Gibson.


John Lennon Sends His MBE Back to the Queen – (Daily Mirror, 26 Nov, 1969 p.3)

Beatle John Lennon sent his MBE medal back to the Queen yesterday – wrapped in an envelope and delivered to Buckingham Palace in his white mercedes.

With it was a letter to the Queen explaining why he was returning the award”

“I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria – Biafra thing [and] against our support of America in Vietnam, and against “Cold Turkey” slipping down the charts.”


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