Saturday 15 November 1969 – Review, Results and Table


15 Nov results

Draws, Draws Draws


On a Saturday that contained eight division one draws from 11 league games, there were a lot of late goals to salvage points.

Burnley after 7 straight home win, dropped their first home points against Coventry.

Coventry still don’t have an away win in 11 games.

Chelsea have 6 games at home undefeated. Everton have gone a third game undefeated after their crisis.

Sunderland’s away win means they’re still undefeated in the league and have 10 away wins.

West Ham have not lost away in 4 games.


Man City dropped their first points after 4 wins. Man Utd are undefeated in their last 5 away games.

Newcastle have now gone 4 home games without a win

it’s troubling for Forest, the only threat for Sunderland, have now gone 3 games without a win. Forest have not lost away, however they’ve managed 7 draws from their 11 away games.

Tottenham’s easy win was their seventh in a row. On the opposite end WBA have lost 7 in a row, and have now lost 10 of their 11 away games.

Finally Arsenal have gone 3 games without a win.


15 Nov table




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