What Really Happened : Preview for Saturday 8 November 1969


Knowles – So Nearly Back for Wolves – Peter Ingals (Daily Mirror Monday Nov 3 1969, p.31)

Peter Knowles nearly came back to football last week and admits he spent two sleepless night before deciding to stay away.

He told us last night how manager Bill McGarry almost persuaded him to return and says he was promised a first team place against Liverpool for this Saturday.

Wolves’ need has grown more urgent with the eight week suspension of Derek Dougan and the 28 day ban on Frank Munro.


Knowles said:

Bill McGarry called me into his office for a talk and pleaded with me to come back into the game.

After being back at Molineux and watching the lads training it all came back to me. My mind was pretty well made up that I would go back and help them for as long as Dougan was suspended.

When I got home and away from the Wolves atmosphere, I began to have second thoughts.

I informed Mr McGarry the next day that i couldn’t come back, even for two months. This was my own decision and I was not influenced by the Jehovah’s Witnesses.





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