What Really Happened – 1 November 1969


real 1 Nov results


Football Round Up – Ronald Atkin (Observer 2 November 1969, p.28)

For Everton read Everest. Eighteen games gone, only four points dropped, and now they lead the First Division by a Himalayan sized eight points.

A lone second half goal by defender Tommy Wright brought Everton their ninth home win of the season.

…the Goodison game contained more injuries than incidents. The referee, Mr Tommy Daws, was a first half victim with an injured arm and had to be replace.

In stark contrast to Everton’s sun bless progress, their near neighbours and close challengers Liverpool ran into a four goal Derby at the Baseball Ground.

The defeat has cost Liverpool second place, which is taken over by Leeds who strode away from Sunderland with one of their typical stonewall draws.


Tottenham  1 Sheffield Wednesday 0 – Hugh McIlvanney (Observer 2 November 1969 p.28)

While Tottenham struggle to regain their traditional place near the top of the First Division, Wednesday brood anxiously on the indications that they will not be able to keep any place in it.

This discrepancy in predicaments would have been recorded clearly long before the eighty sixth minute if Spurs had managed to attack with with something more telling than desperate energy.

They never moved calculatingly in on Springett. They charged, streaming over the halfway line like schoolboys released after a particularly boring lesson. the boredom, however, was ours.

Visiting White Hart Lane these days seems almost some kind of penance, a painful repayment for all the marvelous pleasure we were given there, in the earlier season under Mr Nicholson’s management.


Chelsea  1  Coventry  0  – Tony Pawson (Observer 2 November 1969, p.28)

The functional efficiency of Chelsea’s defence and one flashing drive from Cooke sent them climbing above Coventry. But the rich November sun pointed a striking contrast between the vivid colours of the scene and the grey drabness of the football.

This was a tactics ridden game, thrilling for those who appreciate destructive tackling and the long passback to the goalkeeper.

Only from Coventry was there a brief illusory glitter as their neat close linked passing sent them surging into attack.


Crystal Palace  1  Arsenal  5 – Michael Wale

Unaccustomed as they are to scoring goals – a mere 13 in 17 games – Arsenal chose this spring like start to November to go, by their cautious standards, totally berserk.


Derby 4 Liverpool 0 (Guardian, Monday 3 November 1969 p.18)

In the Anglicised version of the gospel according to Bill Shankly it is written that when Derby County play well they will beat any team in the country. And so it came to pass at the Baseball Ground on Saturday that Derby did just that and Liverpool conceded four goals in a league match for the first time since…[the] 64-65 season.


Everton  1  Forest  0 (Guardian 3 Nov 69 p.18)

Extreme defensive tactics, as Harry Catterick, manager of Everton, says are a legitimate, if frustrating part of football.

They are something Everton, now leaders of the First Division by eight points, will have to learn to live with.

Certainly after a stifling match with Nottingham Forest at Goodison Park.


Ipswich  1 Manchester City  1 – David Lacey

The fault with Manchester City on Saturday lay not so much in their lack of command as their reluctance to assume it.

And the readiness of both City and Ipswich to accept a point as fair reward for the afternoons labours left one with the feeling that, to some extent, the combination of a flawless pitch and a perfect day had been wasted.



real 1 Nov table



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