What Really Happened – Saturday 25 October 1969


real results 25 Oct 69

Football Round Up – Jack Wood (The Observer 26 October 1969 p.28)

First Division leaders Everton, after a number of escapes against a lively Coventry attack, continued their run when a Royle header in the eighty seventh minute gave them their fourteenth win of the season, to leave them six points clear of Liverpool, who won 4-1 at home against Southampton.

Early season pacemakers Derby County found Allan Clarke in is most dazzling form at Elland Road.


Manchester City 1 Wolves 0 – Arthur Hopcraft (Observer Sunday 26 October 1969)

For most of the match, and certainly for all the first half, Wolverhampton confidently invited Manchester City to attack, then met the resultant imprudence with an almost leisured calm.

Manchester were without Lee; and his absence showed ominously. He was replaced by Mundy, aged 19, whose inexperience was quickly expressed.


Leeds 2 Derby 0 – Eric Todd (Guardian 27/10/69)

Derby have collected one point from four games this month, [as] Leeds United beat them 2-0 on Saturday.

Leeds naturally were delighted that Clarke, restored to fitness, scored twice and had a splendidly versatile game.


Liverpool 4  Southampton 1 – Alan Dunn (Guardian 27/10/69)

Having weathered a mightily buffetting from Southampton’s McGrath for 75 minutes, and with the game drifting into the obscurity of a draw.

Hunt the substitute, who went out and scored two goals in a topsy finish that saw Liverpool victors 4-1.


Stoke 1 Tottenham 1 – James Holland (Guardian 27/10/69

Stoke City and Tottenham Hotspurs, two middle of the table teams, drew 1-1 at hte Victoria Ground… and their display was fully in keeping with the positions they occupy.

A placid first half was followed by a slightly livelier one, but overall thee was little about which to enthuse.

Tottenham, mainly through the medium of Gilzean lying deeper dictated the general run of play before half time, but everything was done at half pace and more often than not the final move was a short through pass to Greaves to dart on to. Invariably the ball struck one of the defenders.


Real table 25 Oct 1969







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