What Really Happened – the news before the October 25 league games


McLintock is banned – Nigel Clarke (The Mirror Oct 24 1969 p.30)

Arsenal manager bertie Mee last night welcomed a new Football Association system for the punishment of players.

And Mee’s approval came as the club skipper Frank McLintock was suspended for three week and fined £25 after three bookings this season.


Revolution as Director Says: I Pick the Team – Harry Miller (the Mirror Oct 25 1969 p. 30)

Nineteen players asked for transfers and the manager and chairman quit as revolution yesterday rocked the club that is always at the bottom of the Fourth Division.

The trouble exploded when a director, who has hardly seen the team play – decided to select Bradford’s side to face Notts County today.

The director, Manchester businessman, Herbert Metcalfe, made four changes. Player-manager Laurie Brown… immediately resigned as team boss.

Next he added his name to a mass transfer request signed by the ohter eighteen players at the ground for training.

Then chairman ray Ambler said he supported brown and the players – and announced that he was quitting too, although he remains a director.


Peters Makes Peace with West Ham – Ken Jones (The Mirror Oct 25 1969 p.31)

Martin Peters decided to stay with West Ham yesterday less than twenty four hours after insisting that he would continue to press for a move.

He has been recalled to the team against Sunderland today for the first time since he was dropped on the day of his request three weeks ago.

He says “I had a talk with our manager, Ron Greenwood, in the morning, and after that I would have been willing to stay anyway. Playing in the first team again did not influence my in any way”.

So why did Peters change his mind the day after he said on television that he was determined to stick by his transfer request?



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