Saturday October 18 Review – Forest and Palace record splendid wins


Oct 18 results

In a true reflection of what Everton are currently experiencing, Stoke moved off the bottom with a convincing win at Everton. It was Everton’s third loss at home in a row and 6 consecutive losses overall. It was Stoke’s first away win, and they have now moved their goal tally into double figures this season. With a clean sheet to boot. Everton are now edging closer to the dangerous relegation zone. Stoke scored with two long balls into Everton’s penalty box and the home side didn’t have the confidence or guile to stop them.

Crystal Palace beat Leeds in an entertaining and thrilling game with the lead changing a few times. It was Palace’s sixth home win in a row and they currently have the third best home record. For Leeds it was their first loss in 9 games, and indeed, had not lost away in 5 games. Palace scored in the second minute of the game but watched as Leeds battled back and hit the lead in the second minute of the second half. Palace manage to equalise with half an hour to go and got the winner, to the delight of their screeching fans, with a minute to go. Splendid game.



Sheffield Wednesday might’ve scored 5 last week, but they were outclassed and outplayed by a dominant Burnley side. Wednesday committed too many errors at either end of the pitch to have any real chance. For Burnley it was their 6th consecutive home win and have won 4 of their last 5 games.

Chelsea proved too strong for WBA comfortably winning 4-1. They went 2-0 up early, while West Brom snatched a late goal in the first half. While spectators were wondering whether that goal would whittle at Chelsea’s confidence, the Blues were even better in the second half. not letting their opponents within sniffing distance of a chance. That was Chelsea’s third win in a row, and perhaps the recovery has begun for this season. Meanwhile, it all bad news for WBA. That was their eighth loss away (from 9), and have lost 5 of their last 6 games.

Manchester City provided a strong second half at the Baseball Ground to beat their hosts 3-1. That was Derby’s third home loss out of four, while that win stopped a 4 game losing streak for City.

Ipswich had a strong and convincing win against Liverpool, another strong result after the good away win at Old Trafford.

Meanwhile Man Utd have lost their second home game in a row and have only won 1 of their last 5 home games.


On the other hand Forest haven’t lost in 13 games, and haven’t lost any of their 9 away games this season.

Coventry have not won any of their last 13 games. They have the worst away record in the division. They haven’t won away.

The scored first against Southampton, but Southampton over powered them with 3 goals


Sunderland were strong once again and don’t seem capable of losing any game this season.

Tottenham got themselves a two goal lead only for Newcastle to come back and equalise by half time. The Tottenham win came in the 88th minute. That was Spurs’ third somewhat unconvincing win in a row.

Wolves lost their first home game in 6.

Oct 18 table





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