What Really Happened – Saturday 18 October Preview


The Crusading Mirror – The Mirror is Fighting for Action Now (The Daily Mirror Oct 13 1969)

The Mirror is crusading for those who are living on… the flip side of the welfare state.

The dying decade, which gave us the Pill, the min skirt and the nude theatre, all packaged as the Permissive Society could be flippantly labelled the Sexy Sixties.

In our affluent welfare state society, there is need for more conscience and less cowardice. People are individuals, not mindless participants in a grinding rat race which savagely separates the socially acceptable quick from the socially unacceptable dead.

There are members of our enlightened society who are physically alive but socially dead. They are existing on the flip side of the welfare state. …the plight of the deprived, the needy, the helpless and the hopeless has never been more urgent. The Mirror believes that soceity is as good as the way in which it treats its least fortunate members.

Is it good enough that, in England and Wales, an estimated 1,800,000 slum dwellings are still occupies- or that 4,000,000 homes still lack basic amenities such as a bathroom?

Is it good enough that …an increasing number of old age pensioners living alone are suffering from malnutrition or mental disturbance caused by enforced isolation?

…how long can the majority tolerate the miseries of the minority – without themselves becoming diminished and degraded?

The Mirror, as ever, intends to stir things up.

The TV Licence Dodgers Face a Great new Purge (The Mirror Oct 14, 1969 p.21)

A big campaign to persuade television license dodgers to pay up was launched yesterday by Postal Minister john Stonehouse. There will be a huge advertising campaign… and a fleet of new detector van to track down the dodger who ignore the appeals.

The number of licence dodgers is now a national disgrace… some people are deliberate evaders. They think they can get away with defrauding the rest of the country.

Top Clubs Threaten to Quit In Fairs Cup Row (The Mirror Oct 16, 1969, p.30)

English clubs are threatening to boycott the Fairs Cup in a tense situation that is leading to a direct clash between the Football League and Football Association.

A proposal to opt out of the competition will be put to clubs at an extraordinary general meeting of the League in London on November 7.

Behind the boycott threat is the Fa’s action in supporting a takeover of the competition by the Union of European Football Associations.

And behind this is an even deeper fear on the part of the League – that soccer could be heading for a situation where the European Associations control the national leagues. that bluntly would mean the FA taking over the League in England, though it is extremely unlikely.

Protect Us, Plead Frightened Men by Ken Jones (the Mirror Oct 18, 1969 p.31)

The country’s leading goalkeepers last night supported Peter Bonetti, of Chelsea, in an appeal for protection against the hooligans who lurk behind the nets.

Bonetti, knocked out by a jagged clinker thrown at him in a League Cup tie at Carlisle on Wednesday, plays against West Bromwich Albion at Stamford Bridge today, comforted by the knowledge that Chelsea’s goals are out of range of the crowd.

“The authorities have got to stop talking and do something positive about this shocking situation. If they don’t something serious will happen to a player or referee. As a goalkeeper, I’m very conscious of what is going on and after the incident at Carlisle I feel lucky to be playing tomorrow.

But it has now become a general thing and if players and officials ar to be protected the only solution is to fence the crow in.”

What we Missed on the Telly

Dixon of Dock Green – No Love Lost

Dave Allen Show

Chronicle – There is no Conqueror

Detective – Hunt the Peacock

Play of the Month – The Heiress

Monty Python – Sex and Violence

30 Minute Theatre – A Formula for Treason

Randall and Hopkirk – Never Trust a Ghost

Z Cars – Lost and Found

Counterstrike – Out of Mind

World of Beachcomber

Playhouse – The Patriot Game

Dear Mother…Love Albert – The Good Samaritan

Film – Twenty Million Miles to Earth (1957)


Wednesday Play – The Mark Two Wife

The Saint – the Saint Bids Diamonds

It Takes a Thief – Boom at the Top

Special Branch – the Kazmirov Affair

Sez Les

Dad’s Army -Room at the Bottom

Softly Softly – One Thing Leads to Another

Plays of Today – A Voyage Around My Father

Nearest and Dearest – The Birds and Bees

Not in Front of the Children – A Slight Case of Baptism

Parkin’s Patch – Bonus

Strange Report – If You Won’t Learn, Die

Hadleigh – Patron of the Arts.





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