What Really Happened 6-8 October 1969


West Ham 3 Stoke 3

According to the Guardian’s David Lacey:

For an hour last night the youngsters of West Ham United, bereft of Hurst’s striking power, the all round skills of Peters, and Moore’s paternalistic guidance, found a new lustful left that threatened to sweep away the cobwebs of self doubt which have hung so heavily over Upton Park this season.

Inspired by an exhilarating goal from Best, his third in three days, they led Stoke City 3-0 after only twenty minutes.

But Stoke are no slouches these days and though they were missing Greenhoff, who as done much to drag their football out of the steam age the wiles of Dobing and Eastham, Smith’s heading ability and the fierce shooting of Burrows brought them three goals in the last thirty minutes.


From Ken Jones of the Mirror:

Arsenal 1 WBA 1

Arsenal’s first goal in six matches provided only temporary relief for a steadily despairing crowd at Highbury last night. The gate of 21,165 was the lowest of the season.

They saw Arsenal fumble through yet another game… failing once again to overcome the misgiving now apparent in their football.

Liverpool 0 Tottenham 0

The Mirror’s Derek Wallis : Frustration was etched deeply in the faces of Liverpool players at Anfield last night as they tried to break down Spurs’ impenetrable, impassive defence.

For all their European experience Liverpool could find no ready answer to a system with this match in mind and backed by the bitter memory of a recent five goal defeat at Derby.

According to the Guardian’s Eric Todd: Tottenham… were the more methodical side, or at least they showed greater immunity against human failings than did Liverpool.

With Mullery in one of his more constructive moods and England oozing versatility, Tottenham build up some very good looking attacks, but in the absence of Gilzean they cast all their burden upon Greaves. Yet when it came to shooting, Tottenham’s cartridges were also blank.


From the Mirror:

Derby 1 Coventry 3

Derby were no match for the purposeful Coventry side.

Coventry exposed the Derby defence within two minutes. Physically it was a throwback to Second Division days for Derby.

The muscle minded occasionally crude atmosphere which men like Coventry wing halves Maurice Setters and Geoff Blockley generated made it obvious that men of lesser physique like Derby’s Willie Carlin and Kevin Hector were not likely to be offered a cultural evening.

From the Guardian:

Manchester City 2 Newcastle 1

A doubtful penalty, awarded in the last minute of the match and scored in injury time, gave Manchester City a somewhat undeserved win.

The incident which had everyone arguing came when Doyle, a dominant figure in defence for the most part, tired of his colleagues’ inability to make any impression in the opposite penalty area. doyle raced forward in pursuit of a loose ball. As he veered into the area, th half back appeared to lose control and in  a wild tangle, Arentoft and Clark fell heavily. The ball went out of play and most… thought the referee had given City a corner kick.

But Mr Corbett surprised everyone… when he awarded a penalty.. Lee scored with a vicious drive.

David Lacey watched Southampton 0 Manchester United 3

Manchester United won a game of colourful and exciting movement before a record crowd … at the Dell.

However the simplicity of the goals they scored barely reflected the complexities of the football played in between and the margin of their victory did scant justice to the amount of skill and effort that Southampton lent to the match.

The irony wat that on a night [Southampton were] without Davies they created some of their most incisive attacking thrusts of the season.


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