What Really Happened – Saturday October 4 1969


According to the Observer round up by Bob Houston:

It was a day, as the skinheads like to put it, full of bother, and the bother was prevalent both on and off the field.

Obscuring the fact that Everton are now three points clear at the top of the First Division were crowd incidents at Derby, The Valley and Wolverhampton. Two First Division players were ordered off and there was a host of booking.

The bother ended with the Wolves’ Irish international centre forward, Derek Dougan, being sent off… and the home fans expressing their chargin by trying to get as the referee, Mr Walker, who needed his second successive police escort at the end of the game. Mr Walker was the man at the centre of last week’s ‘extra time’ hullabaloo at The Hawthorns.

Dougan… with his second early bath this season, and he already has a fortnight’s suspended sentence hanging over his head for ‘deliberately kicking an opponent’.

The First Division wonders from Derby recovered from their first defeat last week to dispose of Manchester United. County is second ahead of Liverpool on goal average, as Forest got a point at Anfield.

Dick Krzywicki of West Brom, was turned into a full back… at Maine Road and ended up being ordered off… An unhappy experiment… as Manchester City wee 2-1 winners.



West Ham 3 Burnley 1 as explained by The Observer’s Hugh McIlvanney

There was nothing in this hour and a half to promote the belief that West Ham can afford to be without the talents of Martin Peters.

Their clear victory owed more to the early generosity of a hapless Burnley defence than to any brilliance of their own.

Ron Greenwood’s principal satisfaction would be the evidence that Best, who took two goals and might have taken half a dozen, is maturing swiftly towards the standards of aggression required by a First Division forward.

Before the match began Upton Park had the atmosphere of a room in which a family had just been quarreling. There is an intensely personal quality about the painful situation that has developed between Peters and West Ham.

His loss of form is inseparable from his conviction that he is unappreciated… and the rift between him and his manager has infected the whole club with an almost tangible sadness.



Ronald Atkin in the Observer stated on  the Crystal Palace 0 Newcastle 3 Match:

This defeat should trigger the danger signals at Selhurst Park. Crystal Palace were comprehensively outclassed by a workmanlike, but not particularly gifted, Newcastle side who had not previously managed an away victory this season.

Kember excepted, Palace are fatally short of drive and method in attack, while their back line was stretched and finally shredded by Robson’s speed and thrust.


Derby 2 Man Utd 0 – Tony Pawson observed:

Soccer success generates an intensity and excitement that defied imitation. Derby’s achievements in the First Division have already build up this heady atmosphere that sweeps players to new heights and makes a dull match impossible. Manchester United was just the challenge to sharpen the endeavor and the enthusiasm. It was hardly surprising that the crowd broke down a gate in their eagerness to see this one.

…it was a fiery match and Derby came through purged and hardened. Always they were quicker to the ball, the sharper in the tackle. Their teamwork that has given them so storming a start was again their most formidable asset.


John Dougras was at Sunderland 0 Chelsea 0

Three years have passed since Sunderland won three games in a row. With two wins over Nottingham Forest and Spurs, they inexplicably fell at the third hurdle yesterday.

Inexplicably, because Chelsea, lacking authority and fire, should have been thrashed. Instead Chelsea, whose casual, almost languid approach, perfectly complemented a warm, sunny afternoon, managed to escape with a point . This was largely due to a splendid performance by goalkeeper Bonetti, whose decisiveness and courage contrasted with some rather shaky performances by the men in front of him.

The Guardian reported on Wolves 2 Everton 2:

Eighty four hurt, a score of arrests, one player sent off, two more booked, two penalties awarded and one member of a strong posse of police hit in the face as the referee was escorted off at the end (and even then one person managed to have a swipe at him).

One might reasonably assume that this was another nauseating, ill tempered clogging match, with player’s actions goading opposing supporters into a frenzy. Not a bit of it. This was a magnificent match.


According to the Mirror’s Ken Jones  on  Monday 6 October

  • Len Shipman, president of the Football League, will call for an investigation into the crowd violence which erupted after Wolves forward Derek Dougan was sent off against Everton at Molineux on Saturday.
  • “I am very concertned that unless we take some action we shall have a major crowd disaster on our hands:
  • It was the provocative decision by referee Keith Walker when he sent off Dougan after Dougan had made some remarks to linesman.
  • the crowd on the North Bank erupted and fights broke up, youngsters were crushed, with 84 injured and 8 arrests.

Martin Peters’ transfer request was turned down. He will ask again and is currently training with the reserves.

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