What Really Happened – Drop Into Reserves for “Off Boil” Spurs

According to the Daily Mail of September 29 1969

Tottenham’s faltering idols face the possibility of having to play their way back to form in a midweek reserve match… due to the shock 1-0 defeat by boot club Sunderland.

Nicholson: But it could be the way to restore confidence and is certainly worth trying in present situation.

Allan Mullery was involved in an incident with a fan outside the ground. He didn’t want to comment: I don’t want to talk about it. I’ve got nothing to say”


The Daily Mirror from Friday October 3 1969 stated that:

Soccer Fans May ‘Police’ Special Trains

  • Soccer fans may be offered free train tickets in return for acting as “police” on football specials.
  • it was suggested at a conference on football hooliganism
  • the vigilantes would wear special armbands and would patrol trains on the lookout for trouble-makers.




From the same paper:

  • WBA to appeal to the FA for a hearing to defend themselves against allegations of time wasting and gamesmanship during Saturday’s home game against Liverpool.
  • accord to the referee Keith Walker he was punched in the face.
  • WBA want to clear their name.



Ipswich have been told they must play versus Wednesday even though they are going through an injury crisis. 12 senior players are hurt and 6 of those won’t be able to play.


Meanwhile at West Ham, a frustrated Martin Peters has asked for a transfer as his collapse of form has meant he would be dropped for the game against Burnley.




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