What Really Happened – Saturday 27 September 1969


real results

The wrap up according to The Observer 28/9/69

Sunderland, Ipswich and Sheffield Wednesday, the three clubs wallowing at the foot of the First Division, all scored single goal victories.

Wednesday, who had lost four games in a row, ended Derby County’s unbeaten run…The shock of it all even affected the Hillsborough real estate.

A length of the guttering fell off the main stand and injured a spectator.

But Sunderland’s win at Tottenham was the day’s turn up… they gratefully accepted a Mike England own goal and hung on.

For the sake of British Rail’s rolling stock, it was fortunate that this latest stunning blow to Tottenham’s fans occurred in London.

Everton…widened the gap at the head of the First Division to two points with an efficient surgical job on Southampton.

Man Utd, their big guns booming healthily, stuck five into West Ham’s net and could handily afford to grant Geoff Hurst a couple of goals.


According to The Observer’s Gerard Dent:

Chelsea – Arsenal 3-0

Chelsea…played with a rare zest in the sunshine. So did Cooke, who produced enough of his magic to justify his recall to the side. It was his pile driver five minutes from the end that gave…Chelsea’s third goal

Bonetti’s goalkeeping was one of the joys of the day. Always courageous, always constructive he leapt with timing and precision to gather the ball. Then by handing the well laid pass to the waiting foot, he would set the game alive again away upfield.

Arthur Hopcraft in The Observer on Spurs 0 Sunderland 1:

Mike England’s stunning blunder in the dying minutes of the first half – a horribly mistimed header that sent the ball smuggling into his own goal off a post – gave him a most disagreeable distinction. He has now presented goals to the opposition on two successive Saturdays.

Sunderland – they spent the whole of the second half crammed in a nervy, defensive disorder, grouping thickly around Greaves and the hapless England, now permanently positioned as an extra forward and trying with clumsy desperation to compensate for his error. To his credit he put prodigious industry into the matter. But his contribution amounted to the depressing total of two weak headers.


Man Utd – West Ham 5-2

The Guardian’s Paul Wilcox, in the Monday September 29 edition said about the game::

Manchester United can begin thinking about winning the League Championship again.

Twelve points from their last 8 games still leaves them eight points behind the leader. But what does matter when confidence has returned, each member of the team wants the ball and is discharging his allotted duty in football as varied as it is brilliant and collectively they can beat a fine West Ham side 5-2. The margin may have been slightly flattering, but victory was richly deserved.

Paul Fitzpatrick on Everton 4 Southampton 3:

Everton were uncharacteristically dull. They were, of course, capable of occasional brilliance, but for long periods they struggled desperately to find harmony.

They never succeeded. Southampton deserve a deal of credit…they lacked nothing in honest wholehearted endevour, and fortune was  emphatically against them.

indeed, Fitzpatrick is correct. The score 1-1 after 65 minutes, a bad penalty decision lead to Royle getting a hat trick.


WBA 2 Liverpool 2

Cyril Chapman reported:

The referee needed a police escort from the pitch to the dressing room after the match with Liverpool, and he entered it clutching his face.

The trouble arose whn…[he] added at the end of the match another three minutes to the four he had tacked on in the first half.

Liverpool found it a propitious moment to equalise, which left West Bromwich still without a home after five attempts and the fury of their supporters was unrestrained.

One spectator flourished a watch in front of the referee and the matched ended unseemingly.


Stoke 2 Man City 0

James Holland commented that: Dobing and Eastham, now  reaching an age within the context of football when they can be regarded respectfully as elder statesmen, called the tune for Stoke.

The Manchester defence was penetrated almost at will.


real table


Not even an english team, but who cares.

Not even an english team, but who cares.




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