What Really Happened – 20 September 1969


Derby 5

Tottenham 0

From the Observer

Greaves and Gilzean owned the first 10 minutes of the game with their precise control and passing.

However “for the rest of the match, Derby’s aggregate skills, complementary to the point of a thrilling cohesion, made the contrast embarrassingly plain.”

England had a poor performance as Derby went three up after 23 minutes.

“The Derby side looks the finest to have risen from the Second Division for years”.


Quotes from the Daily Mail:

Tottenham manager Bill Nicholson was sorry he sold Dave Mackay.

He called the 5-0 defeat a “humiliation”


When I let Dave go, neither he nor I suspected his move would turn out like this. But good luck to him.

I wish I had six Dave Mackays in my side, then I wouldn’t have any worries.

Let nobody take anything away from Derby. They play it quick and simple.

They have players who read the game well and have great skill, teamwork and the right blend. They are a fine side.


This was a result beyond my wildest dreams.

It was a great win for us and a tremendous experience for me. It was also the best Derby have played since I’ve been with them.

You don’t expect to beat anybody by five goals in the first division. I was a little embarrassed at the end.


Arsenal 2

Man Utd 2

extracts from The Observer written by Hugh McIlvanney

An eventful match that was misshapen by goalkeeping errors and might have been decided by them was saved for United by Best’s unquenchable faith in his own skill.

Some of those alongside him were clearly disturbed by the Irishman’s enthusiasm for single-handed enterprise but his attitude seemed to reflect an accurate assessment of the help he could expect from them.

United’s run of seven league matches without defeat may have much to do wit the strength of Ure… but the decisive force is the magnificent form of Best.

Arsenal scored after only 90 seconds… against a vulnerable United defence.


West Ham  3

Sheff Wed  0

The Observer

Sheff Wed were inept. They “rely more on strength than subtlety. Their keeper Wicks was “spectacularly unsafe” and unsettled his defence.

“Only lack of certainty in finishing kept the issue open well into the second half”.

Redknapp and Hurst were “altogether too clever and too quick for the ponderous defenders and they kept moving through at will”.


Liverpool 3

Stoke      1

the Guardian

“In gentler days, Stoke must surely have won some honour by now.

Their forward line on Saturday had an accumulation of skills that even Manchester United and Everton would find hard to match.

Alas, artistry and ball play are nothing today unless the requisite amounts of courage, stamina, determination and pace are added.

Within 10 minutes Liverpool had established.. that the midfield was theirs.

This was done in the fast, ruthless fashion that has made them famous.”


real results 20 sep

real table 20 sep




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