What Really Happened – 13 September 1969


Reports from the Observer and Guardian of the day.

Tottenham – Man City 0-3

Hugh McIlvanney said of the game:

“Illusions of class fostered by Tottenham’s league position were brusquely dispelled by a Man City team” who “convincingly rediscovered their fluent form”.

“For some time Spurs have had the appearance of a millionaire who has woken up to find himself just about broke”.

Greaves had a bad afternoon and Gilzean was static.

“City’s performance was made more impressive by their willingness to attack with additional vigour after taking the lead”.


Chelsea – Wolverhampton 2-2

An hour of dull tactics-ridden football was transformed by Dempsy’s first goal for Chelsea.

In place of determined defence there was fast and fluid attack. In place of dominance of well drilled teamwork there was the triumph of individual flair.

Wolves for many years looked like lambs in Wolve’s clothing. This season they’ve recovered their bite and are ravenous for points. Chesea were 2-0 up only to end up drawing 2-2. who “drove relentlessly forward”.


Newcastle – Derby 0-1

Derby’s triumph was of superior teamwork, intelligent approach play on a wet, slippery surface and a refreshingly eagerness to shoot. The win pushed Derby to top spot.

Man Utd – Liverpool 1-0

Liverpool dropped to second with their first loss of the season.

Liverpool, previously unbeaten, were harassed like a hare chased by hounds at Old Trafford.

Since Ure’s arrival United have gone six games without defeat, and have only conceded 3 goals. Ure didn’t put a foot wrong.

Charlton was the old master, his elegant ball control returned.

Trying to control Best is “like trying to trap a shaft of light in a matchbox”.


Everton – West Ham 2-0

Great expectations often lead to disappointment, so it was at Goodison Park on Saturday, where Everton and West Ham United, who can be two of the most attractive teams… contrived to frustrate the assembled entertainment seekers.

The cheers for the goals were more relief than anything else. Pow!

Stoke – Sunderland 4-2

Sunderland “played most of the time like a third rate actor who had read his press notices and was beginning to believe in his own inadequacies”.

Stoke should’ve crushed Sunderland as the visitors were shapeless and ill-disciplined.


real results 13 sep

real table 13 sep





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