Sunderland Roar On

The last of the August fixtures still sees Sunderland on top of the league, maintaining a 100 per cent record after 7 games. The seventh win came with a deserving maiming of Man Utd  at Old Trafford. Sunderland now lead the league by 3 points.

Tottenham jumped into second with a crushing 4-0 defeat over Ipswich. Man City dominated the first half against Burnley  but couldn’t score. A flat second half performance meant Burnley scored and grabbed the two points. Chelsea dominated over Palace, as did Leeds away to Everton, the champions showing the form that got them the trophy last season.

Newcastle got a last minute winner against Arsenal in an otherwise even game. Liverpool had a great last minute chance to win the game but the Wednesday keeper made a great save to save a point for the home team. Southampton dominated at Stoke while there was a comedy of errors at Coventry. Coventry’s second goal came when the Wolves keeper saved the shot, which rebounded off the bar, only to hit the keeper’s back and trickle into the goal. Wolves got a vital point when the home keeper ran out to kick the ball away but completely missed it. Such is life.

We all wonder if Sunderland will maintain their form in September.

results 30 aug

table 30 Aug


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