Sunderland Pass Test

Wednesday 27 August 1969

Sunderland             2     (Stuckey 62, Tueart 77)

Manchester City      0

Baker with the ball.

Baker with the ball.

Tueart receives the ball and looks up, ready to lay it off.

Tueart receives the ball and looks up, ready to lay it off.

Tueart received the beautiful pass.

Tueart receives the beautiful pass.

And finishes it off with a nice goal.

And finishes it off with a nice goal.

In  their first serious test of the season Sunderland came away with the supporters’ plaudits and the two points. They showed tenacity against a gifted City side. They controlled the tempo of the game and rarely were City able to play their own style as they were continuously hustled off the ball.

Sunderland were greeted with a raucous roar in Roker Park, and it wasn’t long before the home team almost raised the roof. From an innocuous throw in Symm received the ball and headed for goal. No one in the light blues deemed it necessary to give chase or even confront him with a  tackle, so before he even realised, Symm was almost in the penalty area. He shot powerfully, yet nimble Corrigan palmed it away to safety.

Sunderland continued their attacking pressure and halfway through the first half they had a golden opportunity to gain the lead. City’s Book, on the touchline, faced little opposition in the form Harris, who seemed too distraught at the thought of sprinting forward and closing the space on Book. Nevertheless Book panicked, perhaps seeing the materialization of a ghostly figure, and passed it into his own penalty box. Baker pounced on the error and shot with powerful gusto, perhaps too much gusto, as the ball struck the post and bobbled to safety.

City did manage one shot near the death of the first half but that was easily stopped by Montgomery.

In the second half City didn’t have a decent shot at goal as they chased Sunderland shadows. The first goal came after a series of intricate passes by the Sunderland midfielders. Then a through ball to Stuckey and 1-0 to Sunderland. Half a dozen minutes later Tueart made made it 2-0 from a similar move to the first.

And that’s how it ended, with Sunderland continuing to lead the way and I have to rush to catch the train back to London. End of report.

Sunderland:  Montgomery, Harvey, Ashurst, McGiven, Pitt, Todd, Harris, Stuckey, Baker (Hughes), Symm, Tueart.

Manchester City: Corrigan, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Lee, Bowyer, Bowles.



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