Derby Dominance Gives Clough First Win

Wednesday 20 August 1969

Derby County       2   (Hinton 67, Carlin 89)

Ipswich Town       0

It’s taken until the fourth game of the season but Derby County have finally experienced their first win. It was a Derby side full of inspiration and deadly in execution. The score would’ve been heavier in not for some excellent work from Ipswich’s goalkeeper, Best. Indeed Best was best, and perhaps his fish supper should’ve been picked up by his grateful Ipswich team mates.

With McFarland and Mackay towers of impenetrability, they allowed players like, McGovern, Carlin, O’Hare, Hector and Hinton to mesmerize Ipswich with their passing regime and awe their spectators with flair and creativity.

However, Best and Ipswich held on, as best they could. With half time a mere minute away Best produced the best save of the half. A Hinton turn and shot just inside the Ipswich penalty box saw Best dive mid air to his left. His fingers got enough to the ball to send it over the bar. At half time the ledger was square.

It was the same story in the second half. Derby attacked and Best was at hand to hinder them. It seemed Derby would be frustrated once again. It needed something quite extraordinary and it came 7 minutes after the hour. A long searching ball forward by Mackay was picked up by Hinton. After a ten yard run he looked up and saw his opportunity and sent over a shot that swerved and dipped and confused Best. Finally, Derby had deservedly reaped what they sowed.

Mackay about to send it long.

Mackay about to send it long.

Hinton about to make it 1-0.

Hinton about to make it 1-0.

Ipswich from this moment on attempted a spasmodic fightback for an equaliser but each attack merely fizzled away. Indeed in the end it was Derby who doubled their lead, a McGovern pass was rewarded with a Carlin goal a minute from the end.

McGovern going forward.

McGovern going forward.

McGovern's well timed pass is received by Carlin.

McGovern’s well timed pass is received by Carlin.

Carlin wraps up the game for Derby.

Carlin wraps up the game for Derby.

Young manager Clough would be delighted with not only with the result but especially on how it was achieved.

Derby: Green, Webster, Robson, Durban, McFarland (Wignall), Mackay, McGovern, Carlin, O’Hare, Hector, Hinton.

Ipswich: Best, Carroll, Mills, Morris, Baxter, Jefferson, Collard, Viljoen, Wigg (Woods), O’Rouke, Brogan.


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