What Really Happened 16 Aug 1969

WBA                0                      Arsenal            1

Burnley            3                      Sunderland      0

Chelsea           1                      Ipswich            0

Coventry         1                      Derby              1

Everton           2                      Crystal Pl        1

Man Utd          1                      Southampton  4

Newcastle       1                      Man City         0

Nott Forest      1                      Leeds              4

Sheff Wed       2                      Wolverhampton 3

Stoke               2                      West Ham       1

Tottenham       0                      Liverpool         2

Leeds impressive win at Forest meant they stretched their unbeaten league run to 31 games, beating a 48 year record held by Burnley. Leeds had 4 different goal scorers in a rugged game where 5 players got booked.

Above Leeds on the table are the two Mersey teams and Wolves.

Liverpool travelled to North London and showed their power and skill over a Spurs side that without heart and full of errors. And the errors started very early. A surprisingly Jennings error allowed Hughes to score the opener after only one minute. Liverpool could’ve had more than two but some athletic saves from Jennings kept the score respectable.

In front of over 50,000 Everton made it hard for themselves but finally continued on their winning ways  against Crystal Palace. Palace took an early lead and kept Everton on a tight defensive leash which made it difficult for the home team to create clear cut chances. A Palace mistake and a dodgy penalty was enough for Everton to take the full points from the match.

Wolves surprisingly kept their 100% record with a strong win at Wednesday where referee Dimond sent Dougan and Eustace off after an exchange of blows.

While Chelsea and Arsenal enjoyed their first wins of the season, the biggest shock of the day was at Old Trafford where the home side, European champions a mere 4 months ago, suffered a humiliating defeat to Southampton, with the Saints Davies scoring all four goals. While Southampton played delightfully, they were greatly helped by the ineptitude of the United defence and the lack of fight the Red Devils showed throughout the match. The home  support indiscriminately attacked Dennis Law with strong verbal toxicity as a cloud of disbelief descended on the match. United have much to work on.

1          Everton           6          5-1

2          Liverpool         6          9-3

3          Wolves            6          8-4

4          Leeds              5          7-2

19        Man Utd          1          3-8

20        Ipswich            1          0-2

21        Sunderland     1          0-5

22        Sheff Wed        0          4-10


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