Coventry Nick Entertaining Game with Late Goal

Saturday 16 August 1969

Coventry                    3          (Carr 1, 90, Martin 35)

Derby                          2          (McFarland 24, Hinton 45)

In a very fine and entertaining match, Coventry City snatched the win at the end, a fine Carr finish giving the two points to the home side.

In an exceptional first half where four of the five goals were scored, Derby showed the courage and tenacity that should hold them in good stead this season. Their manager Clough has instilled a never say die attitude that had them chasing the game from the first minute they went behind.

It took less than a minute for Coventry to hit the lead. A lovely Gibson pass presented Carr with an excellent opportunity and he easily slotted it past Green.

Derby had a mountain to climb already but they responded well with incisive passing and a strong attacking philosophy that was rewarded after 24 minutes. McFarlane received a ball from Mackay and from 30 yards scored a delightful looking goal to equalise.

Ten minutes later Coventry were in front again. This time Carr laid it off for Martins who tiptoed through the Derby defence to put Coventry back in front.

Martin vs four defenders.Now you see him...

Martin vs four defenders.
Now you see him… you dont. Martin dribbles through the Derby defence.

…now you dont. Martin dribbles through the Derby defence.


Martin regains the lead for Coventry.

Martin regains the lead for Coventry.

It was enjoyable football and both sets of supporters were roaring their teams on; their money so far well spent.

Being behind again might have knocked the stuffing out of the visitors, but Derby were more determined than ever to attack and secure an equaliser before half time.

And they did on the stroke of half time with a goal of such daring and panache there was an audible intake of breath from the crowd.  A couple of passes and McGovern was 35 yards from goal. He looked up and saw Hinton on the edge of the penalty box surrounded by 3 or 4 Coventry defenders. McGovern didn’t hesitate to pass to Hinton. With his back to the defenders and the goal, Hinton twisted one way and turned the other, and then audaciously shot at goal through the Coventry defence. He deserved a goal for such bravado and was awarded with Derby’s equaliser.

Hinton with his back to the goal and a mountain of defenders.

Hinton with his back to the goal and a mountain of defenders.

Hinton twists, shoots and scores. Sublime!

Hinton twists, shoots and scores. Sublime!


2-2 at half time and twice Derby had come back from behind.

Derby maintained that attacking pressure on Coventry on the majority of the second half, going close on many an occasion. It was all Coventry could do to scramble some of the Derby pressure for corners.

Yet is was the home side who came away with an unlikely win. With less than a minute left of the match, a Mackay deflected shot landed at Gibson’s feet. Gibson laid it  off for Gould who went for a 20 yard run. One look and Carr received it in the box. One spin and Carr had scored the winner totally against the run of play.

Carr with the last gasp winner.

Carr with the last gasp winner.

Derby County were excellent value today and unfortunate not to be awarded a point.  But good marks to Coventry for snatching a goal and the full points at the end.


Coventry: Glazier, Coop, Cattlin, Hill, Curtis, Blockley, Gould, Gibson, Martin, Carr, Clements

Derby: Green, Webster, Robson, Durban, McFarland, Mackay, McGovern, Carlin, O’Hare, Hector, Hinton.


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