West Ham go Top

August 9, 1969

It was an interesting set of first up results for this season. West Ham’s first half performance where they pummeled a pitiful Newcastle 3-0, is shaping up as the best  half the Hammers have played for a while.

Meanwhile, a game of two halves was very apt for the Manchester City – Wednesday match, as City’s 2-0 lead at half time, was whittled away by the Sheffield side as they looked to earn a deserved 2-2 draw. But with the last kick of the day Young snatched the victory for City. An incredible match all round.

Leeds have started very slowly but it’s not panic stations yet. Of course it’s too early to tell who are the real challengers this season. We will know by the end of the month.

Crystal Palace – Manchester United 2-2

Derby – Burnley 1-1

Ipswich – Nott. Forest 2-2

Leeds – Tottenham 0-2

Liverpool – Chelsea 2-0

Manchester City – Sheffield Wed 3-2

Southampton – WBA 2-0

Sunderland – Coventry 2-0

West Ham – Newcastle 3-0

Arsenal – Everton 1-1

Wolves – Stoke 0-0


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