Photo Feature: Manchester United Fight Back For Point

August 9 1969

Crystal Palace 2 (Blyth 13, Queen 45)  Manchester United 2 (Charlton 58 (pen), Morgan 90)

Crystal Palace host legendary Manchester United in their first ever division one game in front of a incredible 48,610 home crowd!


Crystal Palace’s Blyth approaches the United goal. He’s well shadowed by Sadler.

Sadler mistimes his tackle!

Leaving Blyth clear…

Blyth scores! 1-0 to the Palace!

Great start to the first division.

Just before half time, Palace’s Jackson with the ball…

…passes it to Blyth…

…who lays it off to Queen…

2-0 to Crystal Palace!

The new boys are in exultant mood as they head into half time two up against the mighty United.

Meanwhile United can’t believe the score. There’s  still 45 minutes to play lads!

It’s all United in the second half. Just before the hour Loughlan handles the ball…


Palace surround the referee in a futile protest.

Charlton scores! United  get one back.


Nine minutes to go and…another penalty!

Palace turn their backs on the referee in disgust, while culprit Sewell collapses to the ground in disbelief!

Charlton takes the penalty… Jackson dives for it…

…and saves!

The ball ricochets off the post and out for a corner.

Palace congratulate their remarkable goalkeeper.

Charlton and Law turn away in disbelief, while Best collapses to the ground.

It’s all too much for him!

Don’t despair George. There’s still time.

In the last minute of the game… it’s Best with the ball…

…over to Law…

…to Morgan…

…who shoots…

…and scores!

Manchester United equalise in the last minute of the game. 2-2 the final score in this remarkable match.

Welcome to the first division Palace. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride!


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