What Really Happened – Charity Shield 1969

Leeds 2 Manchester City 1

On a warm day, perhaps too warm for football Leeds’ professionalism was enough to see off a City side which once again will be a very attractive and entertaining side to watch.

The player to watch was new boy Alan Clarke, who cost a lot of money but did show moments of sublime footballing skill producing an exceptional header. And when Jones had to leave with a strained back, Clarke worked doubly hard which seemed to please the Leeds crowd no end.

While Bremner conducted the match with his usual gifts and dirty work, it was Bell and Lee who disappointed, both quiet beyond redemption. Fortunate for City the young Corrigan was unflappable between the sticks and was easily the visitor’s man of the match.

Leeds scored their first goal through Gray in the 55th minute. He flicked it past Corrigan after a clever header from Bremner. A few minutes later, a Giles free kick floated into the box and the irrepresable Charlton took the game beyond City.

In the last moments of the game, Bell scored no more than a consolation goal.

Leeds will be very difficult to beat again this season.


Paraphrased from the Guardian Aug 4, p. 14.


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