Leeds Dominate But City Steal the Glory


Aug 3 1969

Leeds parade in front of their fans before the start of the match.

It was a tale of the team who took their chance won the spoils. The machine that is Leeds United dominated for over an hour yet left with nothing. Champions they might be but they must take their chances if they want silverware again this season. Meanwhile Manchester City looked a hodgepodge of adventurous talent and a rudderless ship, but when it counted, their talent was enough to shine and take the Charity Shield home. 1-0 to City, the team who took their chance when it mattered.

The first half was all Leeds. They stroked the ball around the field like a training session in front of royalty, while City yelped and scrambled like overweight corgis.

The first true chance fell to Leeds in the 18th minute. A lively inter passing regime by Bremner and Giles led to Gray sprinting past Doyle and Booth. Gray released a pass to the feet of new boy Clarke who could only shoot wide.

City almost made Leeds pay immediately. A Lee delicate chip released Bell in between the defensive giants of Charlton and Hunter. Bell hit an astonishing shot at Sparke: it had the power of an atomic weapon and the accuracy of a homing pigeon. Yet the much maligned Sparke did just enough to tip the shot over. Leeds had been saved, and Sparke would leave with a least two broken fingernails.

From then on it was Leeds who dominated proceedings with Jones producing, and spoiling the two best chances of the half. A Giles free kick allowed Jones to glide in between the ill marshaled City defence, only to shoot wide. A few minutes before half time Jones once again grasped defeat from the jaws of victory as his combustible shot was scrambled away from a City defence that, had it been defending Waterloo, all of England would today be speaking French. Sacre bleu! No goals at half time and it seemed that it would only be a matter of time before Leeds would score.

It was after the hour mark that the game permanently turned. A sublime Summerbee mazy run down the left produced a cross that the Leeds defence could not contain. They could not even contain Bell, who appeared as if materializing from another dimension, near the far post to smash the ball into the net.

That seemed to deflate the league champions as they spent most of the second half trying to reduce the height of messers Lee, Summerbee and Bell. The only real reply from Leeds came from a Clarke dribble that Corrigan did well to parry for a corner and the Waterlogged brigade that is the City defence scrambled it away to safety and to a 1-0 victory.

Over thirty nine thousand enjoyed the pleasant weather but not the result. It was a good start jfor City but Leeds would be the more serious contender to lift the trophy that matters, the first division league title.

Leeds 0 Man City 1 (Bell ’61)

Leeds: Sparke, Reany, Cooper, Charlton, Hunter, Bremner, Giles, Madeley, Gray, Clarke, Jones (Lorimer).

City: Corrigan, Book, Pardue, Doyle, Booth, Oakes, Summerbee, Bell, Lee (Connor), Young, Coleman.

City enjoy their lap of honour.



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